What we do!

We combine the best audio and visual experience to create A Sexy Sound. Standard models or custom made, available in 3 sizes in any color and yes we can use the speakers of your choice. Go VIP with your model for instance get bluetooth connection or use it like a cradle or both ! The sky is the limit for your VIP model!

Materials Used.

The material of our choice is wood, any wood, of-course we can use the wood of your choice. We can even make each layer from a different kind of wood if you want.

Manufacturing Time

Depending on the options you want to have integrated in your model, but usually it takes about 6 weeks to create A Sexy Sound that fits your special needs.

Delivery or Pickup.

We use UPS for shipping our products! A Sexy Sound is located in Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands. Pick up at our location is also possible!